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Run, baby, run

My sister, here for a weekend visit, treated me to an early birthday present: a pair of spankin’ new Nike runners. Let me pause for a moment so I can declare to the blogosphere that the woman is a goddess and I am grateful to have her as both sister and friend. Truly.

I took the shoes out for a test run this afternoon in this surprisingly gorgeous early spring weather. They fit like a dream, and I am loving the Nike + iPod sensor I picked up for it. But LORD LOVE A DUCK my legs are killing me tonight! My run/walk in blazing afternoon sun (BIG mistake, rookie!) was about 17 minutes in total, and maybe five of those minutes comprised of actual running.

See, I haven’t been out running in well over a year. And admittedly, I never ran much before that. I tried at least seven times in the last five years but the best I’ve been able to do is 1K of the Run for the Cure 5K. Chalk it up to lack of training, lack of time, lack of motivation, and those nagging voices from the past that told me I was uncoordinated and unathletic, and that’s why I was always picked last on any team at school (except that time in Grade Six when I had a few stellar dodgeball performances.)

If there’s anything that gets on my nerves, it’s unfinished business. This is one goal I want to place a check mark beside once and for all: run a damn 5K! I’m not trying to make believers out of anyone: I just want to prove this one to myself, that yes, I can do it!

The key to accomplishing any goal is proper planning, so I plan to diligently follow my Nike Walk-to-Run online program, record my progress, shut out those stupid negative voices from the past and try not to get discouraged. First, I have to master running 3K by the end of June. Then I can tackle 5K. And then maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually be able to RUN in the Run for the Cure this time around!

And in honour of my beautiful sister, the Juliana Hatfield Three!

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