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“No one likes a girl who won’t sober up”

  • I kind of want to see Dwayne Johnson in “Tooth Fairy“. More than so “Avatar”. Way more. I’m weird that way.
  • My new Ladies… post is up and can be found here.
  • Speaking of my girls, Minda had a great post back in December over at Getting To First Base about minor league ball players and the money they make, or rather, the lack thereof. Please give it a read when you get a chance. It surprised me, to say the least.
  • My brother called tonight. He lives in Calgary, where I will be visiting in a couple of days for the first time ever. He managed to get his season tickets back – long story – but to make it short we’ll be taking in the Pens/Flames game on Wednesday night. This will be my first live NHL experience and I can’t wait! It’s rather fitting that I’ll be taking in my first game with the only sibling that ever had any interest in hockey in my family. I have great memories of Saturday nights in our basement, watching the Canadiens on a black and white TV with fuzzy reception via rabbit ears. Sometimes the audio would be out so we’d have Radio Canada calling the game in the background on the AM dial. Good lo-tech times!
  • I finally addressed the Kathleen Edwards deficiency in my record collection and picked up “Failer” at lunch (yes, I’m one of those gals that still buys her music) Eight years old and already sounds like a classic album.

Catch you in a few weeks (with, hopefully, Flames pics!)

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